Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of villa that I can take on rent?
We only select the holiday villas for marketing and managing based on strict criteria that can meet the high standards expected by our esteemed clients. So the portfolios of villas we are offering you are some of the best available on this great island. We assure your value of money and a comfortable stay for rentals ranging from 150 to more than 2500 USD per day.

How to select the most suitable Villa for my purpose?
As each rental villa is the dream house of its owners they are exclusive in their own way. We have full knowledge of the villas we offer for rent and we at can learn your requirements and suggest the best villa that will be the right fit for you. We inform you beforehand of any negative aspects in the villa so that you can decide for yourself before taking it on rent.

For us to determine the best suitable villa that will be good for you, it is necessary that you give us not only the number of guests you are taking with you but also the type of holiday you want to experience in Bali. Depending on the way in which you want to enjoy your stay in Bali like just relaxing in the villa with calm walks on the beach with your kids and family or you want to go on excursions and have a busy night life or intend taking your business partners for a corporate gathering, we can give the best possible rental villa for you.

So, fill all the details we need in the Villa Booking Form. This data will be very helpful for us in selecting the right villa for you. Take your time and fill in the details and submit the same at your earliest convenience as you run the risk of not finding the right villa of your choice or finding anything at all due to high peak season bookings.

What are the types of amenities and features available in the villas?
You will find that most of the villas on rent are built for tropical open air lifestyle and all the villas are very finely decorated with modern furnishings. They come with fully equipped kitchen and a spacious living and dining areas. The bedrooms have ensuite bath areas and are mostly air- conditioned and some of them even have their own garden areas. The bath amenities, bed linen and towels are made available free of cost.

When you go for some of the expensive villas you can enjoy the luxury of your own private swimming pool, business connectivity, games for your kids, cable and satellite TV, safe deposit boxes, free local phone calls etc. Even you may be able to have free international TV channels as well as private tennis and badminton courts etc.

How my rental villa will be staffed?
The villas in our portfolio are fully staffed for your convenient and safe stay. All our villas are manned by housekeeping staff, a pool man,† a gardener, a chef and a round the clock security persons. Though some of the staffs in the cadre of housekeeping or gardeners may not understand and speak English they are well trained to take care of all your requirements. For getting your privacy you can let it known to the staff and they will be out of your way as per your request.

All the villas are in the security of capable persons and you can find the name, cadre and position of the staff with their uniforms. The Villa manager can arrange for a baby sitter or an English speaking driver, or a soothing massage at the villa and it will be better if you intimate your requirements at least a day in advance.

What about the arrangements for Food while I stay in the Villa?
You have your own private chef in your Villa who is well trained to serve delicious local dishes or if you want you can get any type of western food you want. After getting the information from you the staff will get the food items afresh and will prepare the food for you which will most of the times are better than high quality restaurants in Bali.
What are the other facilities that are available in the rental?
Once you have decided to go with for your vacation rental we will take care of all your needs right from picking you up from the Airport to dropping you at the Airport and we will be with you during your entire stay in our Villas.

Before you start let us know your requirements
Before you arrive in Bali you can place your instructions regarding your special requests and we will be ready to meet them. Other than this everything can be procured from super markets in Bali and the Deliís in here have everything you may need during your stay.

On your Arrival in Bali
Our trained drivers or our representative will pick you up at the Airport and take you to the Villa you have taken on rent and introduce you to the Staff and management at the Villa.

During your stay in the Villa
Our trained staff will be there to assist you in all your activities and you can take their suggestions while going out or going for activities like Para sailing in Nusa Dua diving or snorkeling in Tanjung Benoa, game of golf, horseback riding, temple visiting, sea fishing etc and they will be glad to help you in all the possible ways.

How much will it cost to rent a villa in Bali?
The cost of the villa rental depends on many factors like the season during which you are booking, location of the villa, size and number of bedrooms in the villa, and other facilities available and required by you. During a low season the rental price for a luxury villa with your swimming pool and staff will be around $100 to $750 USD per night per bedroom. But you must know that renting a villa is far cheaper than going to a hotel as you get services like telephone, laundry, meals, snacks, etc come free of cost, and with kids it may be even more expensive in hotels.
For a 185 USD rate you can get a decent holiday home with 2 bedrooms with ensuite bath areas close to the beach in a lean season. For up to 2000USD per night you can find a luxurious ocean front villa with 4 bedrooms in a prime location,, lush and serene gardens, home cinema, billiards table and even more than one private swimming pool and tennis courts.

The total cost of your rental has to be calculated by taking into account the number of nights you are going to stay in the villa, the season and the special requirements you request from us. You must note that normally the booking rate is high during holiday seasons during months of July - August, Christmas and New Year, Easter and Chinese New Year. The rental includes the fees for salaries, water supplied to you electricity and maintenance etc as they are already included in the rental value.

Tell me when it is the best time to book my Villa?
When you have decided to come to Bali for your vacation, make your booking without delay as most of the upcountry and prime villas are booked throughout the year and you will be surprised to find that most of our repeating customers book their villas at least seven months in advance.

Are the villa staff to be tipped?
Though paying tips to the staff is not mandatory you can pay them as it is a bonus for them and can add to their low salary standards in Bali. The exact amount you wish to pay depends on the satisfaction of the service you received and it will be an appreciation for their friendly service and will motivate them to serve even better.

Why Should I rent a Villa in Bali?

1. Renting a Bali Villa for your vacation is an intelligent decision as you can enjoy your holidays with your family with more living space, modern facilities for comfortable stay with more privacy than when you go to a hotel for staying. Apart from this there are more facilities like private swimming pools, tennis courts etc which you need not have to share with others.

2. When you have taken a villa on rent you will not be paying as per the number of bedrooms or as per the number of persons who want to stay in the Villa. You are free to take in more persons with generally no additional costs to you. You can save at least $100 per day by saving on the services like internet access, laundry, food and drinks etc as these are usually higher in hotels.

3. Renting a villa is like staying on your own home at Bali and you will be able to receive specialised and personalised services from the staff and the unique facilities and furnishings you have in a villa cannot be compared to that of a hotel or a resort.

4. What is the difference between a Hotel and a Villa? Though the general practice in booking the Villas is for a minimum of 7 nights, is now often allowing the booking for about 4 nights and in some cases it allows even allows booking for fewer nights. But after your arrival and enjoying the facilities you may want to stay for a little more time in the villa and as such the staying in the Villa is different than staying in a hotel.

5. Booking your Villa rental may involve in little more paper work depending on the expensive and special items available in the Villa and this will be helpful to you in finding out your personal preferences and help us to take care of your needs more easily and more fully. All the information furnished by you will be fully confidential.

6. Bali is a big city and we do rarely experience power outages and though most of the luxury villas have backup generators you need not have to worry if it is not available in your villa as the power will be restored in a timely manner. Instead of panicking you can just make arrangements for a romantic candlelight dinner until the power returns.